• Programs: Blender & Adobe Premiere Pro

When It came to the final project I knew I wanted to 3d model a girl character and animate her with grease pencil lineart. The original idea was to have a trippy loop after zooming into her eye but as I worked on her I liked the idea of her breaking apart.  The zoom into her eye transitioning into an outlined version of her creates nice movement as if she was looking at a version of herself in front of her in the same position.

I’m pleased with how it turned out though there are aspects I want to revisit soon.

Test Animation

The Model I made in blender is rough but it was the first time i made a model like this and it worked for the animation. Most of the modeling process featured creating verts and edges to get the basic shape and filling in faces. I built her dress/shirt by building it up through extending planes.

The eyes were separately drawn as different objects, keyframing visibility to make her blink. Though this isn’t the best way to go about doing the face i felt the way it broke apart from the face worked well here.

A grease pencil lineart was added to her to give a almost 2d feel.

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